Letters for Our Grandchildren

Sunday, October 13, 2019


Sunday | October 13th 11:30AM - 3:00PM


Grateful Crane Ensemble presents "Letters for Our Grandchildren: The Sugino Family Story"!

In "Letters for Our Grandchildren: The Sugino Family Story," Grateful Crane will be presenting actual letters sent by Tuna Canyon detainee Kenzo Sugino to his wife, Chica, whose blunt and honest responses lay bare teh stress, upheaval, anxiety, and fears their family was going through after her husband's arrest shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and just before the family's own incarceration in Poston, Arizona.

"Letters for Our Grandchildren" chronicles a compelling family story and will put the audience right in the middle of one family's drama and upheaval as if it was happening all over again. Through this live reading with music, it will also reveal otu loud and in public what Chica Sugino wanted the world - and her future grandchildren - to hear: "Someday there must be an awakening to the awful truth that warring never settled anything."

Sadly, what happened then is indeed happening all over again today, and our drama will illustrate - in emotional, sometimes humorous and powerful ways - how one family was able to survive it all through faith, their love of each other and by sticking together through the good and the bad - for themselves, and for the sake of their grandchildren.

To reserve tickets, please call Tuna Canyon at (818) 935-2603 or email remembertunacanyon@gmail.com.

For more other information, please send an email to gratefulcrane@gmail.com or call (310) 995-5841.

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