Tohoku Tour 2018

September 9th-21st, 2018


Saturday | September 9th-21st N/A


As part of our efforts to continue to support the people of Tohoku, Japan, our third Goodwill Tour will take us to three different prefectures within the Tohoku region: Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate. We continue to believe that it’s important for us and the JA/Shin Issei community here in America to support the Tohoku people, especially since so many of Japan’s resources have gone and are currently going toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. By continuing these tours, GCE hopes to be a leader in continuing to shine a light on the emotional and psychological needs of the people, and leading a community-wide effort to provide help. This trip will also connect members of our group with our Japanese roots, and will continue to build good relations between Japanese in Japan and Japanese in America.

For more information about our trip, please send an email to or call (310) 995-5841.